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Honors Collegium

The Collegium is characterized by small classes and individual attention. It encourages intellectual exchange among students, discussion leaders, and professors. Ample opportunity is provided for dialogue and for confrontation of ideas and values within a friendly and informal atmosphere. Students enjoy the advantage of intimate classes and the challenge of an education that strives to connect rather than isolate their studies.

Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning

The interdisciplinary approach to learning ranks among the most distinctive and significant characteristics of Honors Collegium courses. The essence of the Collegium is its commitment to combine these courses with knowledge and experience gained from a variety of the traditional academic disciplines. The Director of each Collegium class shapes the interdisciplinary nature of the course, often by inviting guest lecturers from the life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the many professional schools on the UCLA campus. Some Directors draw from the Los Angeles community and other university campuses as well.

Student-Faculty Relations

The hallmarks of the Collegium are its small class size and the resulting individual attention available to its students. Course directors, teaching assistants, and guest lecturers are readily available to answer questions and to assist students in developing a full understanding of the course material. The faculty are selected partly on the basis of their commitment to fostering productive, interactive, intellectual contact with students.

Distinguished Collegium Faculty

The Collegium chooses its faculty on the basis of their firm commitment to teaching, their interest in student concerns, and their outstanding scholarship. These faculty members tend to be spirited lecturers. They have also made notable contributions to the academic community as scholars, writers, and researchers. Several are recipients of distinguished fellowships. Some hold UCLA's Award for Distinguished Teaching or are members of the National Academy of Science.

Honors Collegium Faculty List

Community Atmosphere in a Large University

The small, intense classes encourage student interaction. One focal point for the academic activities of Collegium students is the Honors Programs' Irving and Jean Stone Honors Commons in Kinsey Hall, where many of the Honors Collegium seminars are held.

An Emphasis on Writing Skills and Styles

The Honors Collegium offers an opportunity for accomplished writers to hone, and average writers to improve, their skills. Several of the Honors Collegium courses include a specific writing component. Students taking these courses attend weekly seminars where they study rhetoric and composition. Their writing must respond to the demands of the diverse disciplines embraced by their Collegium course work. Students are required to practice articulate argument while mastering graceful form.  The completion of any Honors Collegium course listed with a "W" (e.g. HC 40W)  with a minimum grade of "C" will satisfy the College of Letters and Science Writing II requirement. In all of the Collegium courses, an emphasis is placed on clear and cogent written expression. Former Collegium students testify that polishing their writing skills and styles in such seminars greatly facilitates their work in other courses, providing an advantage for them that goes far beyond their Collegium experience.

Alternative Means of Fulfilling General Education Requirements

Most lower division Honors Collegium courses will satisfy General Education requirements. Students in the College of Letters and Science who completed fewer than 16 quarter units prior to Fall Quarter 1983 must meet General Education requirements. (Students who completed 16 or more quarter units before Fall Quarter 1983 should consult an Honors Programs counselor about application of Honors Collegium courses toward breadth requirements.)

Eligibility Requirements

Most Honors Collegium courses are open to any student interested in taking an honors class. Students enrolled in College Honors must take at least two Honors Collegium courses as part of their College Honors course requirements. Participating students should have satisfied English 2 (Subject A) and should strive to take lower division Honors Collegium courses in their freshman and sophomore years.

Enrollment Procedures

Information regarding enrollment procedures for Honors Collegium courses will be provided to incoming freshmen during Summer Orientation. Continuing students may enroll in most Honors Collegium courses through URSA and in others by permission of the instructor.  If a class has a restriction (Res't) of "Yes" on the Schedule of Classes please call the Honors office for further information. Students are responsible for adding Honors Collegium classes before established enrollment deadlines.